Using CyNote

    Cyber Laboratory Notebook for Biologists and Bioinformaticists

Creating Notebooks and Entries


CyNote users can create notebooks that consist of research records and entries. To create a notebook:


1.    From the main menu, select “Create New Notebook”.  The following page appears.


1.    Fill in the name and the description of the notebook and press submit.



Now that the notebook has been created, it is now ready for use. To create an entry in the notebook:


1.    From the main menu, select “Create New Notebook Entry”. The following page appears.



2.    Fill in the title and give a description for the entry. If desired, enter keywords and upload a file to the entry. When done, click on “Submit Query”.


3.    The entry is created and will be stored with the notebook.



To leave comments on an entry:


1.    Open the entry and scroll to the bottom of the page.


2.    Add your comment to the page and press “Submit”.



3.    The comment will be displayed with the entry.



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