Features of CyNote

    Cyber Laboratory Notebook for Biologists and Bioinformaticists
Features in Version 1.5:
  • Create a new entry as an experiment record
  • [research] Create ad hoc research tables
  • [21CFR11] Generate digital signature for each uploaded files for auditing and edit prevention
 Features in Version 1.4.1 (14 February 2010):
  • [21CFR11] Password expiry after 24 hours
  • [21CFR11] Datetime stamp of log files by network time protocol servers.
 Features in Version 1.4 (15 January 2010):
  • [21CFR11] Logging for invalid login
  • [21CFR11] Users can change login password
  • [21CFR11] Logging for password change
  • [21CFR11] Force user to change password if last change is more than 90 days
Features in Version 1.3 (6 January 2010):
  • [statistics] Calculates linear regression line
  • [statistics] Tests Pearson's correlation from data with given correlation
  • [statistics] Z test for correlated proportions, Chi-square test with and without Yate's correction, McNemar's test with and without Yate's correction for 2x2 contingency table
  • [statistics] Phi correlation coefficient, Cohen's Kappa, P1-P2, Relative risk, and Odds ratio for 2x2 contingency table
  • [statistics] Goodman and Kruskal's gamma, Kendall's tau-a and Kendall's tau-c correlation for 2 x C contingency table
  • [statistics] Chi-square test for categorical data and R x C contingency table
Features in Version 1.2 (11 November 2009):
  • Allow user to set a notebook to archive; thereby, locking it
  • [21CFR11] Logging for new user creation, user logins/logouts
  • [21CFR11] Password for new users is encrypted
  • [21CFR11] Generate digital signature for each entry and comments for auditing and edit prevention
Features in Version 1.1 (8 August 2009):
  • Authorize and de-authorize user(s) from the system
  • [21CFR11] Logging for authorizing/de-authorizing user(s)
  • [21CFR11] Logging for archiving/un-archiving notebooks
  • [bioinformatics] Restriction enzyme mapping on a DNA sequence
Features in Version 1.0.1 (13 July 2009):
  • Method to streamline updating of CyNote and the underlying web2py
  • [21CFR11] Logging for creation of new notebooks, entries, and comments
  • [bioinformatics] Add 5 more parameters for BLAST (database, translation table, maximum hits, random hits, word size)
  • [statistics] Calculates descriptive statistics on a data sample
Features in Version 1.0 (13 Feb 2009):
  • Able to create multiple notebooks
  • Entire database (all the notebooks) can be backed-up onto a FTP server and date-time stamped
  • Each (entry) notebook page can have multiple comments and/or file insertions
  • [21CFR11] Users required to log-in before using CyNote
  • [21CFR11] User can notarize (affix a signature based on login) a specific entry
  • [21CFR11] Each entry and comment is date-time stamped using UTC time
  • [21CFR11] The authorship of each entry and comment is logged
  • [bioinformatics] Calculate annealing temperature of PCR primers
  • [bioinformatics] Transcribes from DNA to RNA
  • [bioinformatics] Reverse-transcribes from RNA to DNA
  • [bioinformatics] Translates from DNA/RNA to amino acid sequence
  • [bioinformatics] Performs amino acid distribution, pI, MW, aromaticity, instability, flexibility, and secondary structure fractions on amino acid sequence
  • [bioinformatics] Perform similarity search using NCBI BLAST.